Social Responsibility

ELECTROSPARK prides itself for being a responsible member of society and believes in giving back more than in elevating production and manufacturing standards. Our employees and their families are part of the Electrospark family. Their livelihood and well being is our key goal and responsibility. We provide active support in terms of personal development, skill acquisitions and merit-based career advancement opportunities.

Today our team includes members who have been with us for over twenty years and those who have risen through the ranks, from shopfloor to management. Our team includes people who moved to Delhi to work with the CEO before he even founded the firm. the immense trust placed in us by our employees is the main force behind our rapid growth and sustained leadership in our field.

ELECTROSPARK upholds Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) based codes covering Freedom of Association, Safe working Conditions, Regular employment, Reasonable working hours which is Free from Bonded & Child Labor and Discriminatory as well as harmful treatment.


ELECTROSPARK believes in sustainable growth and gives highest priority to preservation of nature and ecological balance. Since inception, the firm has employed the latest methods to preserve the environment.

  • As part of our environment preservation effort, we have established Biological Treatment Plant, Comprehensive Energy Saving Program, and Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to ensure the biological treatment of by-products.
  • The entire industry site is designed to preserve the native ecosystem of the area, increase green cover and improve air quality in the area.
  • ELECTROSPARK is committed to establish an environment friendly working process by ensuring Rain Water Harvesting Program, Green Environment Program, Organic Fertilizer Plant and reducing CO2 Emission.