ELECTROSPARK was founded in 1995, specializing in engineering goods manufacturing. The firm’s investment in cutting edge Technology and a highly skilled professional team led to the firm’s rapid rise to market leader and innovator position. The firm’s client roster includes the biggest firms of the country across industries.

ELECTROSPARK has expanded its manufacturing abilities across material from stainless steel, wood and acrylic, and high design abilities allowing for precision and custom design as per client requirements. Today, Electrospark is the one-stop shop for the world’s leaders in the retail industry.

ELECTROSPARK current production includes assembly lines for products for the biggest retail brands in the world. The firm manufactures custom designed exclusive range of products including. fitout components, Working benches, Sawhorses, Ironing boards, Decorative Mailboxes, Accent furniture, street furniture, outdoor signages. Additionally, heavy engineering firms in the telecom, electrical, electronic and hi-tech innovation sectors turn to Electrospark for their high-precision manufacturing.

Export Capabilities

  • ELECTROSPARK partners with, and manufactures and exports products for companies in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Middle Eastern countries, Australia and Sri Lanka,
  • We have the warehousing capacity of storing 8x40’ High Cube containers and are CTPAT approved for the US. In addition, the facility boasts of ISO9001/14001/18001/SA8000 and is SMETA certified.
Total area of the factory premises is 200,000 sq feet. equipped with world class CNC machines and facilities to process Mild Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wood, and Acrylic.

Electrospark’s Key Strength
We have the capacity to cater to high capacity, fast turnaround, custom design products across industries. We invite firms from across the world to partner with as their Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Environmentally Responsible Operations
We are a Green Building Tribunal member and believe in being a socially responsible and environmentally conscious firm. Our efforts in the field of being a green firm go beyond all statutory and certification requirements. Our solar plant installation and rain water harvesting, green cover efforts, and natural ventilation and cooling methods to reduce electricity consumption are just some of the methods adopted in our manufacturing plant and offices.

Employee and Social Welfare
Similarly, our employees care is taken care beyond regulatory requirement. We monetary, health and support and care for employees and their families provided at work place and beyond.

The Electrospark Team